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5 Reasons Why Using Chemical Substances Isn’t As Good As It Initially Seems

It’s easy to like using substances that alter the chemicals of your brain and make you feel happy and carefree. But what happens when you abuse substances over a long period of time and become addicted?

You build up a tolerance for them, and then you need more quantities of the same substance for your brain to activate. This eventually leads to overdosing, which can easily lead to death.

Here are just a few reasons why addiction is harmful:

addiction treatment programs radcliff

·    It Permanently Alters the Chemicals In the Brain

Hard drugs such as crystal meth can permanently alter the chemicals of your brain and make you prone to loss of attention, memory, and judgment.

·    It Harms The Body Physically

Our kidneys and liver were created to filter out toxins from our bodies, but there is a limit to which they can work. Large amounts of chemicals or alcohol can lead to organ failure.

·    It Leads To Bankruptcy

Substance abuse is expensive. Drugs are sold at exorbitant prices, and addicts will buy them no matter the price because their brain tricks them into believing that they cannot live without it. This often leads to bankruptcy and even homelessness.

·    It Strains Family Relations

Alcoholics and substance abusers are often not accepted by their families until they get sober. This is because people do not want addicts around impressionable children who are likely to follow their ways. It may also be because addicts are often prone to outbursts of rage, which can be dangerous for the people around them.

·    It Leads To Overdosing

The final stage of substance abuse, if not recovery, is an overdose and all too frequently death.


Substance abuse is not a matter which can be taken lightly as it could easily have lethal consequences. Take advantage of high-quality therapy and addiction treatment programs radcliff before an addiction gets the better of you.

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