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Tools To Use In Your Cleaning Tasks

Cleaning is a chore that most of us don’t want to do.  However, over time we will need to bite the bullet and take steps to clean our space.  If this means cleaning the space yourself or hiring janitorial services in Long Island, NY, you will need to have a regular cleaning routine to keep your space up to speed.

Mop, bucket, and wringer

A janitor is most recognized when they are pushing a mop or a cart.  A mop is a device that when wet will clean up dirt off of a floor making it clean.  The bucket is where we hold water and the soap that will break up the dirt.  The wringer is where we will put the dirty mop to release the dirty water.  When used together we can start cleaning.

Cleaning cloths

The next tool will be cleaning cloths or rags.  These will be some of your best friends.  When you use cleaning cloths you can clean up spills, wipe up dust and manage your general cleaning tasks.  When it comes to cloths, you want to have as many as you can.

hiring janitorial services in Long Island, NY

Toilet brush

The toilet brush will be needed to do one of the most unanticipated jobs a janitor has to do.  With a toilet brush you are going to clean up after others waste.  Make sure that you have gloves and other cleaning supplies to kill germs.  When working with the toilet brush, make sure to have a long handle to keep you safe from germs.

Broom and dustpan

The final tools that we will talk about are the broom and dustpan.  These are going to be the main tools that you use in your cleaning process.  Make sure that they are with you at all times in your cart since you never know what you will come across.

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