Do Mosquito Repellent Coils Work?

Do Mosquito Repellent Coils Work?

Mosquito repellents are the first thing that people think about when you want to get rid of mosquitoes. But the real question that arises is whether mosquito repellents are effective in reality. Other than these, people even try different DIY methods that may sometimes work and sometimes don’t.

Mosquito repellent coils are spiral that is burned like an incense stick. The smell emitted from the coils is what helps in keeping the mosquitoes away. They are a very popular solution when trying to kill mosquitoes. You can use this solution until you opt for a more professional mosquito treatment in Greatwood.

Effectiveness of Mosquito Coils

The repellent coils are burned for a long time and do not require much work. Pyrethrum or Citronella oils are some of the most common ingredients used in these repellent coils. They are insecticidal derivatives that are used in major insect repellents. However, the coils may always not work the way you want.

For starters depending on the direction of the wind, the smoke from the coil can move in the other direction. For example, if you have placed the coil near a window and the wind is diverting the smoke outside the window, then it will not be effective. The mosquitoes inside the house will not be exposed to the smoke.

Other Alternatives to Mosquito Coils

There are many different mosquito repellents you can use, but the effectiveness of these repellents is always doubtful. For better results, you can depend on professional services so that you get a more permanent solution.

Along with this, you can keep using the repellents so that you get double protection from these annoying and harmful pests.

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If you are not successful in warding off mosquitoes with repellent coils, then you need to see the kind of brand you are using. Some very effective, high-quality mosquito repellent coils are successful in removing mosquitoes from your house. The positioning of the coil also matters a lot.